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Trend alert: Sneaker Bug. Why we love to decorate our... shoes?

Sneaker Bug, not exactly what it sounds like. At BAUMONDI “BUG” refers an ornament in the form of a clip that is placed on the lace or shoe edge, giving it a new character.

The product idea is related to the ladybug (hence the name), but Sneaker Bug also takes the form of a lion, snake, tiger or something non-animal - skull, rose, star or bow. The jewelry is made of metal alloy, decorated with gold or silver, which gives it great Longevity. They fit perfectly with plain white or black shoes that provide a clear background for them. In autumn and winter, customers also love this jewelry on boots and ankle boots.

Why the popularity of the sneaker bug in the fashion market?

We like decorations and accessories. We wear earrings on the ears and bracelets on the wrists. We buy additional pendants for these bracelets –to customize them individually. We like brooches, pins, necklaces and rings. Why shouldn’t we also style our shoes? - Ask Beata Baumgartner, owner of the brand Baumondi and creator of the sneaker bug. A trendsetter in the shoe and accessories market. This way, you can spice up many of your shoes to make them appear new and different. They may already be a few years old, but if you feel like you need to brush them up and spice up the design - that's what sneaker bugs are for. - quote from the designer.

Jewelry for the shoes!

Decorations for shoes can be changed at BAUMONDI very easily and moved to different pairs, so that you can wear "other" sneakers every day. They stand out even when they are not in sight. Because Sneakers Bug's are individuals, they can also be worn on a belt or leather jacket. Your creativity knows no limits.

We live in a time where we are constantly in search of something new in fashion. Something that underlines one's own style and stands out in the crowd. If you wish to personalize it with an engraving, color or shape, Baumondi will assist you with creative styling suggestions. Therefore, the idea for unusual jewelry that can be attached to classic shoes and gives them a little new glamor. - explains Beata Baumgartner.

Baumondi is a fashion brand based in Munich that has been producing unique accessories for shoes and sneakers for several years - the signature collection is the sneaker bug.

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