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Our story



Talisman of Luck

It was a beautiful spring day in 2015 when I went out on a morning Jog. As I made my stretching exercises on the bench, a beautiful ladybug landed on my white sports shoes.

Since childhood, I remember the superstition that the ladybug is a true lucky charm, and if it comes to you then you will experience happiness. I was absolutely fascinated by this moment and thought as I Jogged about how nice it would be to be able to wear the ladybug as a permanent accessory on the shoe. When I came home after running, I sat down for several hours to the computer and searched the Internet for similar fashion accessories. Unfortunately, rather luckily I found nothing that met my demand for quality and personal taste.


If only I could always wear it on my shoe as a lucky charm…


This thought never left my mind and so the idea came up to create a set of accessories for decorating shoes. Full of passion, ideas and entrepreneurial spirit, I designed the sneaker BUG.A shoe accesory that the world has never seen before. In the same year I founded the first company in my life, BAUMONDI.


Ethics and philosophy

From the beginning it was important for me to locate the production in Europe. Here I can build and maintain the relationship to the producers and the people who work for me.

Sneaker BUG is made exclusively in Italy by a specialized family business, which is already in its third generation. Additionally, In Poland I work with a creative team on packaging design and production.

The headquarters of BAUMONDI is the beautiful Munich (Germany), from where we serve international markets. In the interests of sustainability and the protection of the earth, we work with a payable dual packaging disposal system.

We always try to work only with natural materials and as much as possible To take consideration of nature.


Who am I?

My name is Beata Baumgartner, born Szczepańska.

I was born in Poland in Lower Silesia, where I lived until 1992. I grew up in communism, which limited my personal freedom in every aspect for many years. Due to these circumstances, I emigrated to Germany at the first opportunity and ended my studies at the Sports Academy in Wrocław prematurely. I felt that this was the most important opportunity of my life and I did not hesitate to use it. To date, there has not been a single day in my life that I regretted my decision. It is a very reassuring feeling to know that you have pushed your life in the right direction. Today I have a home: Europe. I must admit that the beginning in a foreign country was very difficult. I did not speak German, I had no money and all my belongings was a small bag with average clothing. I had the strong will to conquer the world to create a better life for me and my family in Poland.

Beata Baumgartner

“Ambition, perseverance and determination are the foundation of success”


In a few years, I completed two additional schools in the medical industry in Munich, acquired an additional qualification as a sports coach, nutrition expert and participated in various further education for personality development.

I have learned German and English, visited many countries in the world and gained valuable life experiences. All this was possible because I met people who believed in me, this I am very grateful for.

BAUMONDI is my life project. I love to create and translate ideas into finished products. Satisfied customers and the team I work with inspire me every day and give me the strength to continue developing the company.


“Success has two letters. DO” – Wolfgang Goethe”


I invite you to join the BAUMONDI family and wish you lots of pleasure with our products.

Beata Baumgartner

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